2021-12-01 |

Rules to create gene-edited farm animals must put welfare first - review

Regulations to allow the production of gene-edited farm animals must put welfare first, according to an independent review.
The technology allows scientists to alter DNA so as to introduce specific traits, such as resistance to disease.
The UK government is mulling proposals to allow the commercial development of gene-edited livestock in England.
An independent analysis has called for a review of the government's proposals for regulating the technology.
A report by the Nuffield Council for Bioethics warns that scrapping the current ban on the commercial development of gene-edited animals could increase livestock suffering.

2021-12-01 |

FSC Petition Demands Strong GE Tree Ban: sign by Dec 14

Note: After numerous people contacted us about the convoluted and confusing nature of the Forest Stewardship Council’s public consultation process, we created a petition to the FSC to enable more people to make their voices heard.
From the petition: “The importance of FSC’s current prohibition on genetically engineered trees in FSC products is particularly critical given the recent Brazilian approval for commercial growing of a glyphosate-resistant GE eucalyptus tree, developed by the FSC-certified company Suzano. This new decision also shows the need to stop GE tree research by FSC members from moving ahead.”
Please find this new petition here: (deadline December 14)

2021-11-30 |

Take action | GMO? Soon you won't know

Our food regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is proposing dangerous changes to our food regulations. These would allow a wide range of new genetically modified (GM) foods into our food chain - with no regulation and no labelling. This could pose potential health risks and would seriously undermine our right to know how our food is produced.

These would include meat and milk from some genetically modified animals and substances like vanilla and stevia produced by genetically modified microbes in factory vats.

The companies that gave us Agent Orange, paraquat, RoundUp and other toxins would be allowed to self-assess the safety and hazards of these radical new foods and ingredients, and to sell them without regulation or labelling.

2021-11-26 |

New German Government Confirms Glyphosate Ban and Aims for 30% Organic Agriculture by 2030

The new coalition government in Germany has confirmed that glyphosate-based herbicides will be banned in the country from the end of 2023, as part of a wider agreement to reduce the use of toxic chemical inputs in agriculture, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The coalition agreement that outlined the glyphosate ban will install a three-way federal government and end 16 years of conservative-led rule under Angela Merkel following a September election. The new coalition comprises the centre-left Social Democrats, the ecologist Greens and the libertarian Free Democrats (FDP).

2021-11-19 |

Safeguarding Our Food And Our Farms – Why New GMOs Are A Real And Present Danger

Hosted by GM Freeze

Most agroecologists understand that genetic engineering has no place in a responsible, fair and sustainable food system but the PR campaign promoting new gene editing techniques is clever, well-resourced and gaining ground. The UK Government is accelerating plans to remove vital regulatory safeguards and, with them, our ability to say no. Post-Brexit market rules mean that even Scotland’s strong policy rejection of all GMOs will be under threat if we don’t stop the headlong rush towards a high-tech quick-fix takeover of our food and our farms.

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