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National: Since 1999, Austria banned GM maize and rape seed by invoking Directive 90/220, Article 16. The EU Commission has tried to overrule this Austrian "Ordinance on Genetically Modified Seed", but EU member states backed twice the ban, so that Austria remains a GMO-free zone.
Regional: All 9 Austrian Bundesländer (regions) have declared their intention to remain GMO-free
Municipalities: More then 100 municipalities have signed resolutions to stay GMO-free.

Organisations and institutions active on GMOs

Bio Austria (German)
Bio Alpe Adria three-country GMO-free region Carinthia/Austria, Slovenia, Friaul/Italy (German, Slovene, Italian)
genfood - nein danke (German)
ARGE GE-free (German)
GLOBAL 2000 (German)
Greenpeace Austria (German)
IG Saatgut (Initiative for GE-free Seeds and Breeding) (German and English)
Interessengemeinschaft für gentechnikfreie Saatgutarbeit (IG Saatgut) (German)
Öko-web (German)