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2020-08-01 |

Glyphosate study to assess exposure levels

Researchers at an Irish university are assessing the level of exposure of glyphosate to farmers and their families.

Ireland’s bioMonitoring Assessment of Glyphosate Exposures (IMAGE) project is recruiting farmers and their families to participate in the study.

Non-farming families have also been recruited for the project, but the final call for participants is for farmers and their families.

A total of 100 families are required for the project – 50 farm families and 50 non-farming families.

2018-07-10 |

Genetically modified organisms: Restriction proposal for Cabinet

Denis Naughten recommends opting out of directive on GMOs

A proposal “to restrict or prohibit” cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is to be put to the Cabinet on Tuesday by Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten.

Mr Naughten has recommended opting out of an EU directive on GMOs on the basis that it is critically important Ireland takes “whatever steps are necessary” to maintain our GMO cultivation-free status. He said that status is “a key element of our international reputation as a green, sustainable food producer”.

The transposition of Directive 2015/412 enables Ireland to opt out of cultivation of GMO crops, approved for cultivation elsewhere in the EU on a much wider range of policy grounds than had previously been the case.

2018-07-10 |

Government approves wider restrictions on the cultivation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Ireland

The Cabinet has agreed to enable Ireland to prohibit or restrict the cultivation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Ireland.

The Government approved the transposition of an EU Directive, which will enable Ireland to opt out of cultivation of GMO crops approved for cultivation elsewhere in the EU.

This will happen on a much wider range of policy grounds than had previously been the case.

These grounds include where such cultivation would be contrary to environmental policy objectives, town and country planning, land use, socio-economic impacts, avoidance of GMO presence in other products, agricultural policy objectives and public policy.

2017-08-11 |

Weedkiller banned by council over cancer fears

A weedkiller that is believed to have the potential to cause cancer will be banned by South Dublin County Council (SDCC) by the new year.

The council has voted to ban the use of glyphosate while negotiations continue at European level over the future of the controversial weedkiller in farming.

The vote was tabled by Sinn Fein councillor Enda Fanning, who said that a 2015 report by the International Agency for Research Against Cancer (IARC) concluded that glyphosate was probably carcinogenic to humans.

2015-10-21 |

Ireland: There's not much to gain from going down the GMO route - Sean Kelly MEP

Ireland hasn’t much to gain from going down the genetically modified organism (GMO) route, according to Fine Gael MEP, Sean Kelly.

2015-10-06 |

Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association criticises Government's stance on GM crops

ICSA president Patrick Kent has criticised the Government’s decision not to avail of the opportunity to ban the sales of genetically modified (GM) crops for cultivation by the October 3rd deadline. He is calling on Minister Kelly at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government to explain his reasons for neglecting to ensure Ireland remains GM free. Mr. Kent has described the decision as “very troubling” given the importance of both the farming and food processing industries to the Irish economy. Mr. Kent had previously noted that he was concerned Ireland would become caught out of step with key EU competitors and markets who had already availed of the EU opt-out clause regarding the growing of these GM crops.

2015-07-09 |

Ireland: scientists claim government's GM policy is bizarre

The Irish Government's stance on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been slammed by some of the country's top agriculturalists.

2015-03-13 |

Ireland: Review of GMO import legislation to take place in April

The Health and Food Safety department of the EU Commission is expected to review legislation governing Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crop imports on 22 April.

2014-09-24 |

Ireland: GM foods must be part of the future of Irish agriculture and food production

Genetically Modified (GM) foods must be part of the future of Irish agriculture and food production, according to Leo Enright, Chairman of the Government’s science awareness programme, Discover Science and Engineering.

2014-07-16 |

Ireland: Top chef says GM foods should not be sold in the country

Top Chef Kevin Thornton has expressed his concerns over a new EU-US trade deal that could open the door to genetically-modified foods in Ireland.

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