2009-01-07 |

Monsanto is ready to round up seed patent violators in Canada

Monsanto Canada Inc. will go to court on January 15 to settle a case with four farmers who allegedly illegally grew, harvested, and sold products developed from patented Monsanto seeds. The McGill Tribune contacted the farmers involved, but none were willing to comment before they go to court. The January hearing follows Monsanto’s December settlement with three Quebec farmers growing Roundup Ready canola without a license. The farmers agreed to pay $200 per acre.

2009-01-05 |

Greenpeace India pleads for ban on GM food

Environmental group Greenpeace on Tuesday urged the Tamil Nadu Government to ban Genetically Modified (GM) food items in the state, saying they would adversely affect the health of the people and the state of agriculture. Talking to newspersons here, Jai Krishna, Sustainable Agriculture campaigner for Greenpeace said the GM foods were scientifically acknowledged as health hazards and have been shown to cause, allergies, liver and kidney toxicity, immune disorders and retarded growth.

2009-01-05 |

Ban GM food, GEAC member tells Indian Prime Minister

After the recent announcement by Anbumani Ramadoss, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, that he would not let GM foods enter India, Pushpa Bhargava, member of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) and leading molecular biologist, has in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urged a ban on all GM foods being imported into the country, until proper safurged a ban on all GM foods being imported into the country, until proper safety research was done on them.

2008-12-19 |

Kerala (India) says no to genetically modified seeds

Opposing any type of trial-runs of genetically modified seeds in the state, the CPI(M) led LDF government in Kerala has asked the Centre to declare the State as ’G M free’ State in the country. It was the government’s declared policy that genetically modified seeds would not be allowed to be cultivated either on experimental basis or otherwise in the state, Agriculture Minister Mullakara Ratnakaran told the Assembly while replying to a submission.

2008-12-18 |

Brazilian Association of Non-GMO Grain Producers expands non-GE offers

The Brazilian Association of Non-GMO Grain Producers, ABRANGE, declares that through its members it is able to originate or produce and crush or trade about 6.3 million metric tons of Brazilian Non-GMO beans or its products. ABRANGE also announces that besides its members other Brazilian traders or crushers are able to trade or crush, under regular programs, about 3.7 million tons of Brazilian Non GMO soybeans or its products, totaling about 10 million tons of Brazilian Non-GMO soybeans or its products (about 7.5 million tons of soy meal, about 1.9 million tons of soy oil and nearly 40,000 tons of lecithin).

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