2007-11-23 |

EU wins WTO extension to end GMO bans

The European Union has won an extension until until Jan. 11 to comply with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling from last November. The case which pitted the EU against the United States and other GM crop producing countries over its bans on GMO imports found some national bans as well as a general moratorium on GM approvals illegal under WTO rules.

2007-11-23 |

EU officials propose ban on genetically modified corn seeds

European Union environment officials have determined that two kinds of genetically modified corn could harm butterflies, modify food chains and disturb life in rivers and streams, and they have proposed a ban on the sale of the seeds, which are made by Pioneer Hi-Bred, Dow Agrosciences and Syngenta. The preliminary decisions, seen by the International Herald Tribune, are circulating within the European Commission, the EU executive, which has the final say. Some officials there are skeptical about a ban that would upset the powerful biotechnology industry and could exacerbate tensions with important EU trading partners like the United States.

2007-11-18 |

EU considers 'pause for thought' on GMOs

"Here we have one member state, Austria, wanting to opt for one particular position and some other member states feel that this position should be respected, independently of that country's particular opinion about GMOs or GM food," he added, saying that majority of member states are against (187 votes) the Commission proposal to order the ban to be lifted. "The Commission proposal still prevails against the explicit will of one member state and that is something that has to give us a pause for thought".

2007-11-16 |

Establishment of ”GMO free Macedonia” network

On the 1st of November on the initiative of Eco-sense from Skopje and Vila zora from Veles the ”GMO free Macedonia” network of NGOs was established in Veles. The initial meeting took place in Veles, because Veles is the first GMO free zone in Macedonia. Representatives from five NGOs from different municipalities and one foundation were the founders of the Network. The mission of the network is to fight against GMOs through education, exchange of experiences, lobbying, promotion and development of organic farming and declaring new GMO free zones.

2007-11-13 |

Three million people vote to make Italy GM-free

More than 3 million Italians have signed a petition calling for Italy to ban all genetically modified foods. Campaigners collected signatures at marketplaces and food fairs across the country over the last few months and hope the government will respond by banning all imports and cultivation of GMOs.

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