2008-12-16 |

GMO contamination in Mexico’s cradle of corn

”We battled for two years to get the results of our study published,” declares Mrs. Alvarez-Buylla. ”In the course of my entire career, I have never encountered so many difficulties! There were efforts to stop the publication of this scientific data!” Biologist José Sarukhan, a UNAM researcher and member of the United States National Academy of Science, had recommended the article for publication by that organization’s review. The latter rejected the article in March, with the justification that it risked provoking ”excessive media attention for political or environmentally-related reasons ...”

2008-12-15 |

USDA reporting positive GE crop developments in EU countries

Italy’s has approved the resumption of biotech field trials after a hiatus of 10 years. Protocols for nine crops were approved but leave implementing regulations up to the regions—many of which have declared themselves to be GMO free. While the approval of these protocols may be a positive step, most Italian scientists remain skeptical about their actual significance. In their view, too many constraints exist to make field tests practical.

2008-12-12 |

EU prepares approval for cultivation of GM maize varieties bt11 and 1507

The first approval of GM crops for cultivation within the European Union since ten years may be proposed soon by the EU Commission. Under pressure of another "no risk" opinion of the Food Safety Authority EFSA and a court case from GM maize giant Pioneer Commissioner Stavros Dimas may be forced to proposing an approval which he had resented for years, EU and industry officials say. But so far, the paperwork is being kept well under firm instructions not to release it anywhere near the public domain.

2008-12-10 |

EU's top court fines France for incomplete GMO law

The European Union's highest court fined France 10 million euros ($12.9 million) on Tuesday for failing to update the country's laws on genetically modified (GM) crops and foods.

2008-12-10 |

Different views on the GMO decision of the EU Council

Long-term environmental risk assessment of GMOs should be improved and member states allowed to establish GMO-free zones, EU ministers agreed last week. On 4 December, the bloc’s environment ministers a six-month process launched by the French EU Presidency aimed at overcoming the Council’s inability to take authorisation decisions on new GM products for cultivation in the EU. It is not yet clear whether the conclusions of the exercise will actually help to break the current deadlock.

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