2006-05-24 |

Greece: Why all political parties reject GMOs

<p>"The environment minister who gives in and allows GMOs into this country will never be minister again," Nikos Lappas, head of Greece's largest farmers' union, told the International Herald Tribune.</p><p><a href="">IHT: In EU, front lines in food war</a></p>

2006-05-24 |

Ireland: BASF withdraws potato experiment

BASF annonced it will not go ahead with its controversialGMO potato experiment in the Irish County of Meath this year, and may cancel it altogether, according to GMO free Ireland.The obligations to reduce therisk of cross-contamination and to pay the costs of an independentmonitoring of health and environmental impacts were inacceptable BASF complained.</p><p><a href="">GMfree Ireland: BASF admits defeat of GMO potato experiment</a>

2006-05-22 |

EU Council of Ministers starts next round on Coexistence

The EU Council on Agriculture and Fisheries will discuss within the next days the controversy on seed threshholds, sustainability and the labelling of organic products.</p><p><a href=""> Organic food and GM crops top EU agriculture bill</a></p><p><a href="">EU Council: Background Agriculture and Fisheries Council 22 May 2006</a></p><p><a href="">EU Council: List of preparatory papers</a>

2006-05-17 |

More reactions on the WTO verdict on the EU GMO moratorium

While the Financial Express in India claims that WTO plays god over transgenics right at the moment when India is busy finalising its labeling norms on GMOs, the American Soygrowers Association considers the EU traceability and labeling review a whitewash</p><p><a href="">The Financial Express India</a></p><p><a href="">ASA (American Soygrowers Association)</a>

2006-05-17 |

EFSA to cooperate on GMO risk assessment

Scientific experts from European Union member states yesterday met with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to discuss ways to strengthen scientific co-operation in the risk assessment of GMOs.The meeting was set up to address concerns of member states about certain aspects of the risk assessment process for genetically modified organisms.The two primary issues raised by the member states were the desire to be more involved in EFSAs assessment approach, as well as a request for feedback on how their comments are taken into account.</p><p><a href="">Nutraingredients USA</a>

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