2007-06-12 |

EU split over approvals of two GMO maize types

EU biotech experts failed on Friday to agree on approving two genetically modified maize varieties, sending the applications to national ministers for further consideration, the European Commission said. The applications, both of which are for modified maize hybrids, do not relate to cultivation. The two maize types are designed to resist certain field pests - such as the European corn borer and corn rootworm - and also certain herbicides.

2007-06-07 |

Cyprus wants to be declared GMO free

Cyprus wants to declare the island a GMO-free zone because it is not big enough to ensure conventional crops will remain unaffected by biotech ones, its agriculture minister said on Monday.

2007-06-06 |

More EU states wary on GMO maize

Several influential EU states have dug in their heels on whether their farmers may grow one of Europe’s oldest genetically modified (GMO) crops, raising the stakes in the EU’s long-running stalemate over biotech policy. [...] In the past few weeks, two EU agricultural powerhouse countries -- France and Germany -- entered the fray. Not only do they wield huge clout under the bloc’s weighted voting system for decision-making, they also grow vast amounts of cereals.

2007-05-24 |

European Parliament urges Commission to prohibit GE fish imports

The European Parliament, [...] Expresses its concern at the possibility of genetically modified fish escaping into marine ecosystems and the likelihood of their reproducing with local fish, which may disrupt the biodiversity of those ecosystems; calls on the EC to prohibit genetically modified fish intended for the EU food chain from entering the EU; [...]

2007-05-23 |

Romania wants to continue GM soy cultivation

Recently, the Romanian Minister of Agriculture publicly announced his intention to support GM soy cultivation in the EU:
“As the GM soy cultivation technology proved to have obvious advantages for farmers, with positive outcome for Romania" s national economy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will support the approval for cultivation of GM soy at the European Union level, by expressing a favorable position in the decision making process.”

GM soybean cultivation, which had reached 130.000 ha in Romania is presently prohibited and Monsanto"s application for approval pending at the EU level.

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