2007-03-28 |

India: 1727 villages in Orissa declared GM free

Seven hundred newly elected representatives of Panchayats in Orissa and the Governing Body members of Orissa Nari Samaj took an oath not to cultivate genetically modified (GM) crops. The elected representatives declared 1,727 villages in 12 districts as GM Free.

2007-03-28 |

Agro-Fuels - a lethal solution

We need a five-year freeze on biofuels, before they wreck the planet says George Monbiot. By encouraging oil companies to switch from fossil plants to living ones, governments on both sides of the Atlantic claim to be “decarbonising” our transport networks. But they know that it causes more harm than good.

2007-03-28 |

New GMO-free region in Romania

Forteen villages in the Cluj county (the Huedin region) followed the example of their Bihor county neighbors and declared this region GMO-Free. The localities include the small town of Huedin and 13 villages, while the Bihor GMO-free zone includes two towns and 24 villages.

2007-03-27 |

EU authorises GMO rapeseed for import

The European Union authorised German drugs and chemicals group Bayer on Monday to market various genetically modified (GMO) rapeseed types for use in animal feed, for rapeseed types Ms8, Rf3 and hybrids of these two -- all engineered to resist the glufosinate-ammonium herbicide.

2007-03-26 |

EFSAs Mon 863 maize assessment to take several weeks

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will examine the recently published CRIIGEN study on genetically modified maize MON 863, which showed health effects on rats. It will take the EFSA several weeks to consult with member states authorities and see whether it has any consequences for the authority"s existing positive opinion on the safety of Monsanto"s transgenic maize.

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