2005-09-26 |

Poland: Assembly of Regions demands GMO free country

On the 9th of September 2005 the Assembly of Marshals of the Polish Provinces (*) accepted a statement concerning the planting of genetically modified plants (GMO) in Poland. "The Polish Government should prepare a motion to the European Commission to ban the import of genetically modified products in all areas of the country," the regional representatives conclude.</p><p><a href="">full story</a>

2005-09-21 |

Regional governments expert workshop with EU Commission

A dialogue-meeting between the GMO free Network of the regional and local Autorities of Europe and the EU Commissions DG AGRI will be held on the subject of coexistence of genetically modified crops with traditional and organic farming in Brussels on September 28th at the Central Italian Region's bureau in Brussels.Further information:

2005-09-18 |

Japan: GMO Free Zone declaration - Tohoku Network

On 3 September 2005, farmers from Yamagata Prefecture and consumers from Miyagi Prefecture gathered in Sendai city in Miyagi, and set up the "GMO Free Zone Declaration - Tohoku Network" (Rep. Nobuyuki Nakagawa, Takahata Conference for Promotion of Organic Agriculture). It was the first fully-fledged trans-regional GMO Free Zone declaration in Japan. On the same day, the network adopted a protest appeal to oppose Tohoku University's iron-deficiency tolerant GM rice field trials.</p><p><a href="">Bio-Journal</a>

2005-09-09 |

Co-existence, Contamination and GM-Free Zones : Jeopardising Consumer Choice?

An international conference on this issue was organised by Consumers International and the Region of Emilia-Romana. About 450 people from Europe, the USA and Asia attended and discussed scientific evidence on GM contamination and political strategies how to avoid it.</p><a href="">Consumers International - Appeal to EC and world for caution over GMO contamination</a></p><p><a href="">foodconsumers report</a></p><p><a href="">Conference website at Consumer International</a>

2005-09-09 |

Ukraine to ban GM Soya Imports

Ukraine's Farm Ministry said it would ask the government and the parliament to ban imports and planting of genetically modified soybeans in the country.</p><p><a href="">Reuters: Ukraine Agriculture Ministry Seeks to Ban GMO Soy Imports</a>

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