2005-02-25 |

Armenia: NGOs want gm free country

While the majority of Armenia's population seems not yet concerned about Genetically Modified Organisms, some environmentalists and consumer rights activists are looking for ways to prevent import of such products. They want to see Armenia, like a number of European countries, become a GMO free zone</p><p><a href="">Armenia Now, 25 Feb 2005</a>

2005-02-21 |

Macedonia: GMO free zones discussed

In February a very encouraging meeting called "Initiatives for the first GMO-free region in Macedonia" took place in the region Vales. More than 50 representatives from different NGOs and representatives from the local government came together to discuss the possibilities to create the first ge-free region in Macedonia</p><p><a href="">For further information please contact Vila Zora</a>

2005-02-19 |

Cyprus: Demonstration for GMO free island

Green party members staged a demonstration outside parliament to call for Cyprus to be declared free of genetically modified organisms</p><p><a href="">Cyprus Mail, 19 Feb 2005</a>

2005-02-13 |

Japan: Hokkaido government proposes GMO free region

Japans major farming area, Hokkaido island might soon be the countries first GMO free region. The local government has proposed tight rules for GM planting, after citizens petitions</p><p><a href=";control=225&page_start=1&amp;page_nr=101&pg=1">Reuters: Japan's main farm region to tighten GMO crop rules</a></p><p><a href="">Report from the Japanese No GMO Campaign</a>

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